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Financing Available – New & Used Equipment

At Certalift, we partner with only the best in the industry to help you with your business solutions. We know that you expect professional sales and service personnel and it is our intention to offer competitive equipment leasing options that are tailored to your business need. So, whether you choose to purchase your equipment by cash, by financing, or on a lease to own deal, we can help you out. 

Financing options offered:

Lease Financing

Lease financing can often be the best approach for conserving cash. Payment plans can normally cost less than actual financing and can be used as a tax write off. In addition, at the end of your term, you can also decide whether or not you choose to keep the equipment or return it.

Fleet Financing

Fleet Financing is available for wholesale customers with the purchase of five or more units. In many cases this is a great option for a company trying grow the current fleet or a rental company. We can finance most used equipment and almost all new equipment.

Fleet Turnover Programs

With over 25 years in this industry, Certalift has the experience for market demands. With that being said, we know that some business have long term projects and need quality equipment with minimum down time. With the fleet turnover program, you will have brand new equipment that can be sold back to us every 3-4 years, only to replace with new equipment models. During your use time we will supply you with your own service team member to do regular maintenance checks. This program will not be for everyone, but can be a major cost savings for the right business.

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