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Boom Lifts

Certalift has one of the largest inventories and varieties of boom lifts Canada has ever seen. We carry hundreds of different types of units, and you can rest assured that our offerings only include the very best brands out there. Whether your job calls for reaching up to a mere 13 feet or really getting the vertigo going at 150 feet, our selection of boom lifts will ensure that you have exactly what’s necessary to get the job done right.

When we sell a boom lift Genie Upright or any other company has manufactured, you’re not just getting a quality machine. You’re also getting a promise that our experts will be available for any questions or issues you may have. Our people are trained and knowledgeable in the boom lifts Canada contractors use every day, so you can rest assured that these machines’ quality will be partnered with our expertise.

Our customers also rest comfortably knowing that, when the time arises that their boom lifts need maintenance, our parts and service department can ensure that they’re properly cared for to keep them going for the long run. The best brands, great prices and service after the sale is what keeps companies and contractors alike coming back to Certalift.

Used Boom Lifts

It’s not always necessary to purchase a brand new boom lift. After all, some contractors may need one articulating lift and two telescopic booms for use in indoor and outdoor areas. In these situations, it can become quite expensive purchasing new machinery. This is why we at Certalift also offer one of the most extensive inventories of used boom lifts that you’ll come across.

Just because you’re buying used, though, doesn’t mean that you’re buying subpar. Our parts and maintenance department makes sure that all of the used boom lifts we sell are tried and tested to get the job done. So whether you’re in the market for a boom lift Skyjack, Haulotte or any other trusted manufacturer made, our used boom lifts will give you the quality you need at a very good price.

Rent Boom Lifts from Certalift

Even purchasing used machinery isn’t always the best financially feasible decision, and this is why we also provide boom lifts for rent. Whether you’re a company just starting out who cannot afford the initial investment of a boom lift or you’ve just picked up a temporary job that needs the use of one of the boom lifts Canada contractors trust for the tough jobs, we have you covered.

Brands We Carry

  • Haulotte: Over 120 years of experience, and a huge variety of boom lifts.
  • Genie: Providing new boom lifts for companies all over the world.
  • Skyjack: Combines smartphone app technology with some of the best boom lifts in the industry.
  • JLG: The boom lifts JLG creates have been trusted since the 1970s.​

Haulotte Boom Lifts – Dealer (Canada – Eastern U.S)

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