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Personal Man Lifts

At Certalift, we offer all of the best and most trusted personal man lifts on the market. These man lifts can be set up within minutes by a single person, and this means that it’s not always necessary to hire a helping hand when the rest of the job doesn’t call for it. These machines are convenient to use in just about any work area, whether indoor or outdoor, and can be utilized on jobs ranging from hanging high school championship banners to performing maintenance in high rise buildings.

There’s always different options when purchasing, but those who choose new manlifts are opting for brand new off-the-line pieces of machinery that are meant to last for the long haul. These personal man lifts have not been exposed to the elements nor have they slowly become victim of overuse. While all of the man lifts at Certalift are tried and trusted, new manlifts are sure to outlast their used counterparts when it comes to the most demanding jobs in the world.

Our personal man lifts do more than just allow a single individual to set them up; they also provide easy maneuverability to maximize the uptime a worker has on the job. Moving man lifts around is more of a chore than something that actually contributes to the overall job, so reducing the difficulty in getting a new manlift moved around will always result in higher productivity.

Used Man Lifts

Certalift also provides a wide variety of used man lifts for those looking to save money. We make sure that every piece of equipment that we sell, even used machinery, is safe and ready to take on the toughest jobs. These used man lifts come in several types, and these types include scissor and manually propelled lifts.

When looking for used man lifts, Certalift is the place to go for everything you need. We provide financing and service in house, so you can trust that you’re buying one of the finest pieces of equipment on the market. This is even the case when you purchase used man lifts.

Personal Man Lifts Rental

At Certalift, we recognize that not every job calls for personal man lifts, and for those who don’t frequently use this type of machinery, actually purchasing a used or new manlift can be a pointless expenditure. That’s why we have man lifts for rent. When a job comes around that requires personal man lifts, why lose it based on a lack of equipment? Our man lifts for rent have you covered.

Man Lift Brands at Certalift

  • Orange Machine Inc: Has a philosophy of ‘Action Beats Conversation,’ and they live up to it.
  • Haulotte: Over 120 years of experience, and they have a huge variety of personal man lifts.
  • Genie: Providing new manlifts for companies in Australia, Asia, South America, Europe and North America.
  • Skyjack: We can provide you with personal man lifts from Skyjack, and even point you in the direction of their useful smartphone app.
  • JLG: Has been creating new manlifts since 1970, and their personal man lifts are amongst the most trusted in the industry.​

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