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Scissor Lifts

In the market for new scissor lifts? If you’re interested in one of the largest variety of scissor lifts you can find, Certalift is definitely the place for you to be. We offer at least eight different brands of this machinery at any given time, and since we carry multiple models of each brand, you can rest assured that we’ll have the exact lift that you need to get the job done.

Scissor lifts are usually only capable of vertical movement, but there are some models that feature extended bridges to increase the amount of access a worker has while on the machine. Even with models that only feature vertical movement, though, there are a variety of benefits of using these types of lifts. For one, all of the machine’s weight is evenly distributed across the base of the machine. Anyone who’s been on a less-than-stable telescopic lift before can attest to the level of safety that this adds.

On top of this safety feature, new scissor lifts Canada businesses use daily also simplify operation due to its solely vertical movement. Additionally, due to the simplicity of the raising mechanism, a worker can return to earth even in the case of power failure by simply using a manual valve that releases pneumatic or hydraulic pressure.

Used Scissor Lifts

The used scissor lifts Canada contractors purchase from Certalift feature all of the great characteristics that new scissor lifts have. The best part, though, is that it’s at a fraction of the cost. There’s no doubt that purchasing a new model can be a big initial investment, and for companies who need these machines on a daily basis, purchasing used scissor lifts is a financially feasible alternative.

When you purchase scissor lifts from Certalift, you know that you’re not getting a piece of machinery that was rode hard and put up wet, so to say. Our parts and service department makes sure that every used scissor lift that leaves our possession is in great condition, and if you ever have any issues, our professionals will be right there to help.

Rent a Scissor Lift from Certalift

At Certalift, we recognize that there are times when purchasing new or used scissor lifts is just not a sound decision. After all, what if you use a telescopic lift daily, but a job comes along that would be made much easier with a scissor lift? In these cases, and many others, we offer scissor lifts rental as well.

Being able to rent scissor lifts allows you to save money while working towards purchasing a machine, used multiple lifts without buying them and handle temporary jobs without spending too much money.

Scissor Lift Brands at Certalift

  • Orange Machine Inc: Their philosophy of ‘Action Beats Conversation’ ensures that these scissor lifts are always above quality.
  • Haulotte: With over 120 years of experience, you can bet that they’ve gotten their scissor lifts right over the years.
  • Genie: Providing new scissor lifts for companies in Australia, Asia, South America, Europe and North America
  • Skyjack: We can provide you with scissor lifts from Skyjack, and even point you in the direction of their useful smartphone app.
  • JLG: A trusted source in the industry since the 1970s, opting for scissor lifts rental or purchase from JLG is never a bad choice.​

Orange Machine Inc. – Exclusive Dealer

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