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Training Courses for Aerial Lifts, Forklifts & Scissor Lifts

Our Safety Training Center is an industry leader in health and safety training. Certalift offers a wide range of courses and seminars addressing: Safety Standards, Hazard Awareness & Prevention, and Workplace Safety. We have the resources and staff to provide any organization with the necessary information and training to safely and successfully operate their equipment.

Professional Development and Management courses will focus on training individuals to identify their personal leadership style, effectively manage others, and confidently demonstrate knowledge of products.  Industry leaders turn to us for their employee training to ensure the most confident and diligent leaders on the job.

Industry-wide goals strive to establish a safe and healthy workplace, while creating the capacity for growth, development, and a stronger operational foundation. Courses geared toward this goal include: Construction Safety Training, Supervisor Due Diligence, and Health, Wellness & Ergonomics.

These courses are designed to provide the most value to each participant. Whether you are preparing for a certification or returning for an update on the latest regulatory requirements for your industry, our training offers the courses you need to succeed. We always encourage personal growth as a continuous goal, so management personnel will effectively supervise and lead by example.

Aerial Lift Platforms (Scissor lifts & Booms)

This program will demonstrate proper body harness procedures. Our course discussions will focus on the importance of regular equipment inspection as well as preventing improper equipment operations, hazards, and auditing work environments. Operators will be evaluated on both theory & practical hands-on equipment demonstrations.

Fall Protection

Many industry rules and regulations are in place for operator safety and injury prevention. This course guides your staff through these regulations to better understand their implementation. Identifying safety hazards with ladders, scaffolds, and roofing as well as the importance of housekeeping to preventing falls will be a primary focus. The course also offers training on the various types of fall protection equipment, the “Fall Protection Plan” and the “Rescue Plan.”

Forklift (Class I, II, III, IV & V)

This course will start by reviewing the important legislation governing the operation of forklifts. Participants will gain an understanding of the physical principles that help workers operate a forklift. These include concepts such as the center of gravity, stability triangle, and load capacity. Instruction will also cover how to conduct a pre-shift inspection and execute emergency tipping procedures.

Forklift Rough Terrain in Construction Class VII

This course begins where Forklift Class 1-V left off with a quick review of the class 7 rough terrain forklift operation then continues with the basic principles in the physical operation of this specific lift. Concepts will include: center of gravity, stability triangle, and load capacity and handling which are especially important in this type of machinery. The curriculum also covers instruction on conducting a pre-shift inspection and executing emergency tipping procedures.

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