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Whenever a job calls for one of the now popular “cherry pickers,” Certalift has exactly what you need. We have a variety of brands available for boom lifts, but for small to mid-sized businesses who simply don’t have the money to waste on a “new” piece of equipment, our pre-owned boom lifts are exactly what the doctor ordered.

When looking into boom lifts, you may be worried about purchasing cheap boom lifts. Rest assured, though, that Certalift sells only the most high quality equipment, and we work rigorously to ensure that our used boom lifts meet all safety requirements to keep you and your crew safe on the job.

The simple fact is this: At Certalift, our used boom lifts are as safe and reliable as those that are coming fresh out of the manufacturer. And since we provide parts and service in house, we’ll be able to ensure that your pre-owned boom lift stays in top condition for whatever job you can throw at it.

Whether you need a telescopic boom lift for maximum weight capacity or an articulating boom lift to make reaching up and over obstacles a thing of ease, our used boom lifts selection will ensure you get exactly what you need for every job.

Used Boom Lifts for Sale and Rental

Certalift has the absolute best selection of used and pre-owned boom lifts that you’re going to find, but there are times when even purchasing used equipment isn’t financially expedient or possible. After all, not every job requires a boom lift, and purchasing one of our cheap boom lifts when you’re only going to use it once out of the year still might not seem like a sound financial decision for your business.

Not to worry, because we also have used boom lifts for rent. These used boom lifts are given the attention they need as soon as they walk through our doors; our parts and service department ensures that. When you come to Certalift to rent a boom lift, you can rest assured that our machinery, from a variety of the top manufacturers, will get the job done.

Opting for used boom lifts for rent can save you in storage fees, maintenance costs and maximum savings in general. With the top brands and professional service technicians, your used boom lift rental will make sure that you don’t have to bypass those great paying jobs that call for boom lifts. With this at your disposal, you’re in competition with the top dogs in your area.

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