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Easier, Inexpensive, Safer Work With Used Scissor Lifts

Using used scissor lifts is simply a practical way to acquire the equipment you need at a lower cost than buying new equipment. You get the best equipment that fits your specific need without the expense of buying a new piece of equipment.

Scissor lifts are a convenient way for manufacturing, industry, or almost any business to provide a safe, ergonomic, and efficient way to move people and material to elevations. Every business at one time or another needs a machine to get people and material to heights safely and efficiently.

Scissor lifts are normally available in three basic models but used scissor lifts can be had that are designed for a very specific task. The basic models are a floor lift, a slab lift, and rough terrain models.

A floor model scissor lift can be used to lift material to shelves and bins much like a fork lift but with a platform that provides protection for delicate cargo as well as protection for your personnel who are handling the cargo.

A slab type scissor lift that can reach heights from ground level to as high as sixty feet. This model is perfect for indoor and outdoor maintenance, moving construction materials, and lifting people safely to a job site that is elevated. Changing light bulbs in a large plant is an example of a simple job a scissor lift makes safer and faster. A slab lift requires a hard surface to operate on.

Rough terrain model scissor lifts normally have extra power, AC power assistance, four wheel drive, and all terrain tires. These models are specially designed for the beginning phases of construction, farm applications, and any outside work on dirt surfaces that requires lifting men and material to heights. Outriggers provide the stability needed for work on uneven or rugged terrain.

Used Scissor Lifts for Sale and Rental

Used scissor lifts just makes common sense for many businesses from an economic and safety perspective. Compliance issues for OSHA safety and the welfare of your employees are also important reasons to consider used scissor lifts as an option to your equipment purchases.

Used scissor lifts are completely restored to their original fresh off the line operating parameters. This equipment is safe for the use specified, works just like brand new, and will provide the safety that the law and you want for your employees as well as the improvement in efficiency and cost savings you need to keep your business running at a profit. You may also be able to take advantage of tax and accounting strategies that assist you in reducing the total cost of acquiring used scissor lifts regardless of buying or renting.

Economically, practically, and ergonomically used scissor lifts are the perfect option for businesses on a budget that need to stay within that budget and still get the heavy lifting jobs done that you need to make money.

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Used Scissor Lifts