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The purchase of new construction equipment is always at the forefront of the construction team’s thoughts. The model for construction crews, new or old, involves breaking away from expensive vehicle rentals and owning your own equipment. It’s an approach that generates assets instead of liabilities and increases revenue instead of costs, and by owning your own vehicles a team can more reliably compete for a higher variety of bids and offers. The Telehandler is one of the most common construction vehicles and suits a myriad of needs on the construction site. You can buy a used telehandler from our site, and you’ll find that you can get quality equipment for a great discount.

Originally designed for lumber yards and foresting companies, the telehandler has become a staple of the construction yard in modern times. It’s simply one of the most versatile construction vehicles on the field as a reliable supply transport and multi-purpose vehicle.

The most common use of the telehandler is to ferry supplies around the construction site. Using a telescoping forklift attachment, the operator can remove pallets directly from shipping crates and telescope them to the tops of roofs and reach into embedded enclaves. Traditional forklifts can’t access many areas of a building once floors and layers begin to be added. Oftentimes they simply don’t extend high enough, and to use a construction crane is expensive, time-consuming and almost certainly not needed. Buying a used telehandler gives you the satisfaction of saving money and running your operation smoothly and efficiently.

The telehandler has other uses. By equipping different extensions, you can transform the purpose of the telehandler and suit it to your needs. Install a bucket and use the telehandler for exterior electrical work, outdoor detailing on tall buildings, and working on telephone poles and power lines. You can also exchange the extension for a muck grab or lift table, and other extensions are available as well for more specialized purposes. Instead of buying or renting a new vehicle for a job that needs special equipment, in many cases the telehandler can be fitted to accomplish the task.

You can purchase or rent used telehandlers from our site. These quality used vehicles are in top condition and will last a long time. Investing in a telehandler is worthwhile and practical, and allows your team to be both flexible and competitive in a demanding construction market.

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