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For jobs that are hard to reach a towable boom lift may the answer. For tree trimming, construction projects, home repairs, property management, electrical jobs and any other job that requires a lift, used towable booms are more affordable than purchasing a new one and much more affordable than buying a standard boom. Towable booms require little more than a trailer hitch and are easy to tow from one job site to another. They are not only more affordable but they easy to set up and easy to maintain. There’s no large engine to worry about, they are self-propelled and can be started right from the basket.

Commercial companies and homeowners both use towable boom lifts to reach heights they couldn’t reach without one. They are easy to operate so even those who’ve never used them before can operate them with no problem. Just extend the outriggers and let the self-leveling unit do the rest. It’s easy to reach the height you need because the basket extends to different heights. The biggest advantage of owning a used towable boom is its mobility and its cost. It is very expensive to move a standard boom from one place to another. With a trailer hitch a towable boom can be moved from one job site to another with no problem at all.

Whether you prefer a rechargeable battery operated boom or a gas powered boom, they are both very reliable and easy to maintain. There’s no drive train to worry about so they are safer to use and easier to set up. They are also very reliable. Customers like them because they are so easy to take care of. Anyone can prepare them for use by extending the legs and allowing the self-leveling unit to take over. Used towable booms are great aerial lifts when you don’t have a flatbed trailer to tow it on.

For affordability purchase or rent a used towable boom. The advantages are endless. Number one, you don’t have to purchase a trailer to tow it. For ease of use, you don’t have to waste valuable time setting it up. The set up process is simple. For easy maintenance, there is no need to worry about maintaining a large engine, and for mobility, it’s very easy to tow a used towable boom from job to job. Plus, if you need to drive your truck around a job site, just unhook the boom and take off. It doesn’t have to be hooked up to the truck for the duration of the job.

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